Where to find us on social media

You can join us on a variety of social media platforms by following the links or tabs on all of  our website pages or by following the links below.

There will be a social media option for everyone. Why not come and join them all!

Islastones Foundation Facebook page will offer updates on areas such as research information; fundraising events; achievements and thank yous. Please share your fundraising with us.  Please ‘like’ and follow our page.

The #islastones Facebook group is where it all began with Isla by our side. We are so proud of our amazing, friendly community, which had over 62k members. The group offers the opportunity for people to show us the stones they have painted, hidden or found anywhere in the world. It is a child-friendly group and Isla loved to see all the fun, activity, and smiles that stone painting brought to every member.  We still love to see this now and it keeps Isla’s legacy alive.

You will also have the opportunities to meet new people, join in with chats, and hear about fundraising events, achievements, ideas, raffles, and much more. So no matter how much you chose to participate, be that painting 1 or 100 stones or choosing to sit back and just enjoy the view,  we welcome everyone to the group.

We also love that members share the page and spread the word- invite your friends and family. The more the merrier.

Islastones Foundation also has its own instagram account which links in with the fun from the Facebook page. If this is your favorite social media platform please follow us and share.

Capital letter x logo monogram emblem Royalty Free Vector  We have a twitter account too – but we have to admit we are not great at this one yet but are working on it!

Please join the fun, like and follow us #islastones


Islastones Foundation registered charity number: 1187471